Our Process

Observing & Understanding

Exploring what’s possible.

  • In this phase we sit down with our clients and get a ground-level understanding of what their goals and desires are. We have a questionnaire that helps us get to the heart of the project. Our main goal in this phase is understand the big picture and the creative challenges you need solved.

Frame of Reference

  • Once we understand the project, we can move toward building empathy for the people the project serves. This is done with the second half of the questionnaire, our goals in this stage are find the deeper meaning in the project, understand the frame of reference, and find your story.

Solving & Creating

Ideas that solve.

  • Now that we’ve established what the project is and we understand who the project is for, we go into the ideation phase. For this, Ravenspring brainstorms a bunch of different solutions for the project. We work out the story, script, and the artistic elements of the project.

Pre Production, Production, and Post Production.

  • This is the heart of every video project. We create a detailed plan for how we are going to tell your story and what it takes make it happen. We then go into shooting (production) and then we edit the film in post-production.

Impressions & Reflection

Expand your story

  • This is where we look at the reception for the project. This is something we can measure in a meaningful way. We look at how this project got your audience to take action.

Reflect & Grow

  • We sit down with you after everything is created and help you figure out how you want your story to expand over time.