What is Ravenspring?

Since 2012, Ravenspring Creative, a Kankakee based video production company, has been telling their clients' stories with well-crafted photography, attention grabbing videos, and clever animations. Watch our promo video. 

What does "Ravenspring" mean?

The main character in every story is known by its name. Our name acts as a guide to how we operate. A raven is renowned for its intelligence as well as its ability to use tools and find new solutions to a problem; they are also a mythical symbol for rebirth and change. A spring is a fresh, flowing source of supply. Our name defines our approach with clients: a flowing source of fresh ideas with the ability to create solutions for their visual message.

What does Ravenspring Do?

We all have a story to share. Stories connect us, inspire us, and educate us. Ravenspring Creative is a visual storytelling partner. Through careful guidance and creativity, we help our clients craft visual media that tells their distinct story. We work with corporate and non profit businesses, such as Riverside Healthcare, Proven Business Systems, Fitness Premier, and KC-CASA, to name a few.

Ravenspring helps clients to reach their audiences with powerful and engaging messages. With its top quality production, Ravenspring aligns word with picture to complete the client's story which then can be shared through any variety of marketing channels.