In Front of the Camera - Breaking the Tension, Part 1

Whether Facebook Live, YouTube videos, Instagram Stories, company videos, commercials, or just for fun filming, video is king. So, let’s get comfortable with it!

Video can seem complicated and intimidating, BUT we promise you it doesn’t have to be.

With the right amount of skills, you will not only look like a natural, but you’ll also connect with your audience more effectively than ever.

Tips to stay comfortable in front of the camera:

First… get over the awkwardness.

Because is it awkward? Yes. But even more so when you are in your own head about it. Nerves are natural. It’s cool. Roll with it, because trust us, you’re not the only one who feels awkward in front of the camera. Just ask us how comfortable we are in front of the camera...

Talk to yourself.

Out loud (not in your head), get comfortable letting your thoughts flow out of your mouth. Not with a prepared script (that will come), but throughout your day get comfortable hearing your own voice. Take it one step further and record yourself - video or audio - talking about your day, about a project, about whatever is running through your mind.


Practice makes perfect remains true. More importantly, look for things to improve on. Body language, posture, talking speed, etc.


Easy enough, yeah?

Know yourself.

Decompress in one way or another before getting on camera. Know what helps to take the edge off before something that is going to hone it. Whatever works for you, take a minute or five to bring yourself down to earth. 

Find a familiar space.

No matter what you are filming for, you 110% want to be comfortable. Communicate this and plan accordingly. 

Keep it natural - be conversational.

Have a conversation with the camera as if it were your friend, or yourself (remember that?). Let your own personality come through, whether you're goofy or silly or serious. You will kick that awkward tension a lot sooner if you just decide to be yourself. 

Also, having a script will help you organize your thoughts - and we do recommend having one - but don’t let that be the end all be all of your video. It all goes back to being comfortable with yourself and what you are communicating.

Remember: it’s not about you, it’s about what you have to say.

Sorry, but…

We all get self-conscious about our appearance, but the people tuning in want to hear what you have to say. Their primary concern isn’t what you look like; rather, it’s the information and knowledge you have to share. Focus on the value of the message and information you are providing and so will everyone else.

It’s cool to mess up.

The beauty of video formats like Facebook and Instagram Live is that nobody expects it to be perfect. In fact, they prefer to see it. It makes you REAL and RELATABLE. We are all human; nobody knocks it out of the park every single time and nobody expects you to either.

Of course, if this is a professional video, you’ll appreciate the ability for a second (or tenth) take. 

Work with the right team.

*wink wink*

But really, choose a team - or individual - you are comfortable working with. When you speak with a production team over the phone, or meet in person, you will develop a sense of whether or not these people seem like a group that make you feel confident and at ease. If they aren’t, then it’s time to consider an alternative.

In Part 2 we’ll share how we help you break the tension.