What is Social Video, and Why It Matters.

We already know video is important.

When consumers were asked in a Wyzowl survey, "Where both text and video are available on the same web page, how would you prefer to learn about a product or service?" 80 percent said video.

So what is social video?

Social video: video that is designed to be seen and shared through social networks.

Social media posts with video have 48% more views. (HubSpot)

It really is as simple as that.

We’re looking to drive ACTION and ENGAGEMENT.

But how?

A lot of businesses and individuals just want to post content and wait to see what happens.

We’ve mentioned this before… don’t work in reverse. Know your plan before you shoot and definitely before you post.

Always ask: “What is the objective of this video?”

Short, sweet, to the point.

The most successful social videos last between 30 seconds and 1 minute. So while this may not leave a lot of room for in-depth subjects, it is the perfect space to quickly tell a single story! Or it is a great way to create a sizzle reel or tease to a bigger project.

Always consider where the video being posted.

It takes time to understand each social platform and the ways in which users are expecting to be marketed to. This is very important because what works for Twitter may not work on Facebook or Instagram.

For example, you should always upload your video natively to Facebook. Why? Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm places an enormous amount of weight on videos when you do this as opposed to linking out (i.e. to YouTube to Vimeo). Facebook also offers robust analytics for native videos that can help you refine your strategy and learn about your audience. Win-win-win.

Uploading natively: Videos that are created within or uploaded directly to Facebook, and auto-play within the News Feed.


Something very important that is not often thought about - videos are most often viewed WITHOUT SOUND. Can your video get the point across without sound?

This means either adding captions, or being very good at telling a visual story. And, as always, having engaging and informative captions.

Let’s talk Instagram.

While most would relate Instagram to photos, think about Stories, 60-second videos and Instagram Live - Instagram has all the potential for video content.

We’ll go into more detail SOON. Stay tuned.

Do you know your audience?

Social media is all about audience – the audience you have and the audience you want. Yes, both matter. The hope is that as your current audience engages with content and interested users from their networks will be drawn into your brand.

So, what are you going to share?

According to customers, they are more likely to share:

  • What's funny

  • What's emotional/inspirational

  • What's educational

And are more likely to like:

  • What's funny

  • What's emotional

  • "Behind-the-scenes" looks at the company

So, while consumers say they watched a marketing video on Facebook that influenced a purchase decision, hard-sells don't work here, at least for engagement.

What works, what matters, is TRUST and TRANSPARENCY.

Ready to get started?

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