9 Different Types of Video for Social Media and Examples

We already talked about the WHAT and WHY of video marketing on social media. 

So let’s talk about the HOW.

There are a multitude of different video types. Not all are meant for social media. Videos for social media should be optimized and shared differently. Just dropping a link and hitting post, is not going to get you the results you are looking for.

A big difference.

As consumers, when we are seeking knowledge on something or a very specific source of entertainment, we go to Google or YouTube. 

But on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, users are more likely to find a video when scrolling through a feed. Whether they watch it depends largely on how eye-catching and engaging it is. And thanks to our friend the algorithm, they may not even see it. Which means you have to work even harder to get your content noticed and shared.

So, what should you be sharing?

Interviews / Q&A

Interviews or Q&As are very engaging for your audience. Whether they are getting to know a member of your team, hear a client story, or sharing inspiration from a thought leader in your industry, these videos allow you to get personal and real with your audience.

If you are leaning towards more of a Q&A style, you can ask your audience to provide questions for you to answer in either a recorded or live video. This type of content also works great using Instagram Story’s poll, quiz, and live features. 

Behind the Scenes

BTS is a great way to give a little peek into your brand! Whether it is sharing your design process, your on-set setup, how a product is developed, office tours, event setup, backstage, how your team works, etc.  

Product Video

We have said it many times, video is consumed differently and brings a higher return. Video is a great way to highlight a product or demonstrate a specific feature.

Developing and sharing a creative product video is more authentic and engaging than even just a really great photo. 

Live Videos

Facebook and Instagram offer a native live streaming feature that is growing exponentially! At this time, you cannot get more transparent and authentic than a live video. No editing, no takes, just you in front of your audience. 

This type of video can take some getting used to and some practice, but it is great for Q&As, behind-the-scenes, and event content. 

However, it is still important to note that quality still counts here. It is just as easy for a viewer to click out of a live video as it is for them to scroll away from a video post. You should still have a plan and organization, but it is a much more free and open to being real.

What You See / What We See

This is a favorite of ours! We love to show a video (or even photo) of behind the scenes next to the final cut video. It really brings the audience in to how we got the shot and what it may take to get that final cut. It also adds a little fun and humility to our brand, because the “what we see” is sometimes a little messy, crazy creative, and not what you might envision.

User Generated Content

In any marketing, it is true that your customers are your best asset. Whether it is video from an event, a video using your product, or just a shout out to your business, influencer content reaches your audience in an entirely new way

You can share these videos natively by asking the individual to send them to you, or you can re-share their original post!

Announcements / Reveals

New product, new location, upcoming event, or project release, social media is a great place to announce what’s happening and coming and what better way that a fun video to build excitement!

Event Promotions / Recaps

Sell tickets, share the hype, get everyone excited for your upcoming event with video. Whether you are sharing video from a previous event, or work to create a promo video for something new, video gives an entirely difference insight on to what they don’t want to miss out on.

Linking back to Live Videos, you can stream your event using Facebook and Instagram Live.

Also, remember to always gather video during your event to share a recap after the event and keep the hype going for the next event!

This is also a great opportunity to gather interviews from attendees.

Tutorials / How-Tos

I think we can all agree that this is the most searched for content online. 

While a social media video will need to be formatted a bit differently than a full-length, 40-minute tutorial, these videos can be incredibly successful in sharing and grabbing attention. Think time-lapse.

That’s it!

Have fun, be creative. You know your brand, you know the story you want to share - do it simply on social media.

For more tips on how to make your next social media video a success, check out our tips.

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