Scodix — Demo Reel



  • Brian was contacted by a photography colleague that had a client that wanted more than just photos. They were interested in having 5 videos made of their print enhancement machines and people reacting to the prints. This company is Scodix and is based in Israel. Scodix was coming to Chicago for a big print show at McCormick Place. They were bringing their large and impressive machines to the event to show off what those machines could do to the thousands of people attending. We were hired to cover the 3 day event for Scodix.


  • Scodix print enhancement system added gloss and textures to prints. Our job was to capture the people reacting to the tactile uniqueness of the printed products.



  • Questions

We talked to the Scodix team to find out what they wanted to get from the 5 edited videos. One was to highlight the Scodix application, one was to show the busy booth, one was interviews of Scodix owners, one showed the Scodix machines at work, and one showed the Scodix “wow” factor. 

  • Interviews

This was a three day event and there were certain aspects of the print show that Scodix wanted to highlight. People were going to be interviewed in this busy booth and we had to be ready for those interviews on a moment’s notice. This was an important part of the project because it was excited clients talking about Scodix’s superior product.

  • Motion graphic element

We wanted to create a graphic element that was uniquely Scodix. We wanted to use the dots of the Scodix logo. We came up with a simple yet effective animation. 


  • Location challenges

Getting interviews at this event was going to be challenging because of all the people and noisy machines. We used wireless microphones to get the best audio we could. We were prepared for this slight challenge.

  • Long days

The event was for 3 days and 8 hours each. We needed to make sure we had enough batteries and storage to last for those long days. We had an efficient and redundant system of uploading media when we ran out of space on our cameras. This was so we could keep shooting and to make sure no data was lost. 

  • Product shots

Scodix’s process makes flat surfaces look textured. The whole point of their process is to touch, feel, and move the product around. We built a specific apparatus to shoot those pieces to show their dynamic texture.


  • Language

Scodix is a business from Israel. The print industry has some specific jargon it uses. There were some challenges when discussing changes because of these two things but through patience and thoughtful questions we were able to create an exciting product for Scodix. 

  • Time zones

There is a significant time difference between Chicago and Israel. We had to be on Scodix’s schedule. We adapted. We exported and uploaded at night and by morning had comments. Then if necessary we could make additional changes during the day.  

  • Organization

Producing one video needs plenty of organization. Producing 5 videos is a whole other level of organization. We knew we were producing 5 videos and we would need plenty of footage. Asking the right questions at the beginning allowed us to create well recieved videos. 

Final Video

Additional Videos

You can find the rest of our work with Scodix here.