Riverside Healthcare — Health Currents



  • Carl Maronich of the marketing department at Riverside Healthcare, approached Ravenspring Creative about updating their monthly video series called Health Currents. Health Currents was about the doctors, services, and community events at Riverside Healthcare. Carl wanted to bring back the show with an updated look and feel that matched Riverside’s new branding and marketing goals.
  • Riverside Healthcare was the biggest client Ravenspring Creative had while these videos were being filmed. It was an exciting and daunting thought but we utilized our expertise to rise to the challenge. Our work that year paved the way for Riverside’s marketing team to hire a part-time employee to create video content for them.


  • Bring back Riverside’s monthly show, Health Currents, and update the production value so that the show matches Riverside’s new branding and marketing goals.



Brainstorming and Idea Generation

  • The marketing team wanted a new look and show concept for their monthly videos series called Health Currents. We worked closely with Riverside’s marketing team to craft a concept and style they loved.

Updating Production Concept

  • Health Currents needed to be informative, yet eye-catching. Ravenspring updated the graphics package and concept of the show. The show would take place all over Riverside’s campus and broader network.


  • Scheduling was challenging because we were planning on shooting in working areas of the hospital. We would have to work closely with those departments to find an ideal time of the day.



  • We would get a script and discuss it the day before a shoot. Riverside would let us know when and where we would be shooting. We would find out how involved the shoot would be and plan the gear accordingly.

Time challenges

  • We usually needed 45 minutes to an hour to set up lights, camera, and audio. Since we were shooting in an active hospital, we had time limits in locations so we had to be very efficient with our time.

Location challenges

  • Noise was often a problem we constantly had to deal with because hospitals have a lot of traffic moving in and out of areas. We frequently had to wait for passersby to resume filming.


Uploading video/organization

  • We uploaded the footage to the computer once filming the talent and any b-roll we would possibly need were done. This process had to be very detailed and precise because often we would have a lot of footage to go through. We didn’t want any data lost or forgotten because we had a very fast turnaround with these monthly projects.

Multi-camera shoot

  • We used a multi-camera shoot structure, two cameras shooting the onscreen talent. We did this to help with eliminating footage with errors and interruptions in the final editing.

Time constraints

  • Shooting and final product was usually very short. A week or less at times. The turnaround time was often quick but we never missed a deadline that Riverside set for us.

Final Video

Additional Video

  • Health Currents has additional videos if you want to check out the rest of the Health Currents series you can find them here