Fitness Premiere — 30 Second Commercial



  • Ravenspring Creative was approached by Samantha McCreery of Fitness Premier to see if we could do a TV commercial for them. Of course we said yes. She stated Fitness Premier was opening new facilities. They were also updating their logo and branding style. A perfect time to do a slick new commercial.


  • Tell Fitness Premier’s story having a national ad campaign feel with a hometown message.



Brainstorming and Idea Generation

  • We meet with a room full of decision makers at Fitness Premier to discuss the direction of the spot. We used a newly created questionnaire to fine tune how we tell client’s stories. This helped us to understand Fitness Premier and their values. We used their new logo and branding direction to keep their visual message consistent throughout all of their media.Research of other gyms

Research of other gyms

  • We took a look at what other gyms both local and national were doing for their visual message. Fitness Premier wanted to differentiate themselves from their most direct competitor, Planet Fitness. Fitness Premier wanted to be dynamic like Planet Fitness but not so pushy and in your face. Fitness Premier really liked the proposal we put together for them.


  • We had 12 interviews to coordinate in a gym that was going to be open while we were shooting. This seemed like it was going to be a challenge but it was not. We collaborated with Fitness Premier and worked out a day and time that the gym would be a little slower. Scheduling the interviewees were easy because they were thrilled to be apart of the commercial. They were proud and excited to share their story how Fitness Premier helped them.



  • We scheduled interviews every half hour. We worked patiently and efficiently with the interviewees. We made sure they were never waiting on us and made them feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. When people are comfortable, they forget about the camera and when they forget about the camera they speak from the heart. 

Location Challenges

  • The gym was open while we were shooting. We had to be aware of people in the background and all the noises that an open gym creates. Machines running, weights clanking, and people chattering were some of the challenges we dealt with. We also wanted to change the location of the interviews so they all didn’t look the same. This took a little time to move gear. 

Audio Issues

  • We moved to one location by elliptical machines. We got everything set up and noticed we were having a lot of audio interference issues. We found a solution to the interference and moved forward with the interviews. The equipment we have available at each shoot provides many solutions to random obstacles encountered in Ravenspring Creative productions, all problems have a solution. 


Uploading video/organization

  • We had a lot of interviews to keep track of and organization was key to make sure this project moving forward smoothly. We also had b-roll that went with these interviews and those needed to carefully organized as well. This time taken to organize makes the editing process much easier. It also makes changes requested by the client more efficient. 


  • One issue with 30 second spots and doing open interviews is sometimes people say something great but not quickly enough. We were able to use clever editing techniques to get the testimonials we chose to fit within the allotted time.

Motion Graphics

  • A fun and dynamic element to add to any project is motion graphics. Motion graphics are animated graphical elements. We used Fitness Premier’s logo and created some elements of our own to create a very dynamic piece. Motion graphics punctuate the visual message and just look cool. 

Final Video