Home Helper's — Mission, Vision, Values



  • Kay Jurica, owner of Home Helpers Bourbonnais, contacted us. She wanted a video to help potential clients understand who Home Helpers is and what they do. We sat down with Kay and after asking her some thoughtful questions we suggested the Mission, Vision, Value video to her. She agreed. She wanted Home Helper’s story to be told by some of their caretakers and clients. 


  • Make a Mission, Vision, Value video for Home Helpers to use as an informational tool for potential clients. 




  • We sat down with Kay and our questionnaire. With Kay’s answers it was immediately apparent that the service Home Helpers provided was much more than just physical help, such as getting groceries and cleaning. Home Helpers caregivers were companions to their clients. 

Script and questions

  • A small portion of this project was going to be scripted and the majority of it was going to be testimonial driven. We wrote specific questions for the interviews that Kay Jurica arranged for us. The interviews were a mixture of clients and caregivers telling us their story.


  • The filming was going to be at a few clients houses because it would be easier for them. We can bring the studio where ever we need it to be. Kay arranged  the interviews and it took a little time to coordinate everyone’s schedule. We worked with Kay and her clients to make the interview process as smooth as possible. 


Location challenges

  • We were filming many of the interviews in clients’ homes. There could be a loud dog barking or a neighbor mowing the lawn which could cause some audio issues. We had to be aware of these external distractions and work around them. 


  • Going into this project we knew we wanted to get b-roll of caregivers interacting with clients. We had several scenarios in mind when we meet with each interviewee. All of the clients were very accommodating and wished to help Kay in getting the word out about Home Helpers importance. 

Data loss

  • This was a two camera shoot. On the second day of filming we made a mistake. Camera B’s footage was accidentally deleted. We did not follow some of systems we had in place and the footage was gone. Luckily we had b-roll to use to cover up the edits we made. 


Uploading video & organization

  • The data loss was partially because we were not being as organized as we could have been. Certain systems were in place but not being followed and also not being checked up on. Oversights were made by everyone involved with the project. 

Heartfelt interviews

  • This project’s heart and soul were going to be the interviews. We needed both client and caretaker to be comfortable on camera. Not only comfortable but genuine and speak from the heart. We take great pride in making our interviewees comfortable on camera. 

Quality product

  • We created a quality product for Home Helpers. Kay Jurica was very happy with the final product. She told us she cried when she first watched the video because we captured Home Helpers essence so well. 

Final Video