Proven Business Systems — Carrie's Story



  • Brian was giving a presentation to a networking group that Carrie McCann is apart of. He was explaining his business and telling his story. At the end of the presentation, he showed the Ravenspring Creative promotional piece. She loved the piece so much, she took him aside after the presentation to ask him if Ravenspring Creative could tell her story. The rest, as they say, is history.
  • Having Carrie as a client was quite a treat. Carrie had the pieces of her story but didn’t know how to tell it. She had a clear vision for her project but was very open to our feedback and ideas. We collaborated with Carrie to get her Proven story powerful and concise. Carrie had her heartfelt story on video in the end and used it to show potential clients her honesty and integrity.
  • We had a solid foundation to start this project. We wanted to make sure the visual elements were just as solid. We drew storyboards for this project. We wanted everyone on the same page regarding what the visual message would be. Shooting and editing this project was very smooth since we had such a good plan and story in place at the beginning.


  • Tell Carrie’s story about how she got started at Proven and how she can live her values in a rapidly growing company.



Brainstorming and idea generation

  • We worked closely with Carrie to understand her story, Proven’s story, and how they intertwine. We wanted to show how Carrie’s core values lead her to work for Proven. It was important to iterate that Proven wasn’t just a job to Carrie. She had chosen to join the Proven family because her philosophy is you surround yourself with likeminded individuals.


  • Carrie had a clear idea of the story she wanted to tell. We still went through the questionnaire with her to hone in on those values that meant most to her. Her message was as important to us as it was her.


  • We had a good foundation to work with while producing the script but we wanted to make sure the visual message was just as strong. We offer storyboarding services when we need to make sure everyone is on the same page before we shoot a single frame of footage. A well crafted storyboard becomes our visual checklist for the shoot. 


Location challenges

  • We were going to be shooting at Proven’s headquarters while they were open. We had to be mindful of a busy and active office. Carrie helped us schedule a day where there would be enough people to use in some of the scenes but not too many that it would be problematic.

Complicated shots & Timing

  • We planned to incorporate some challenging shots for this project. To add another degree of difficulty, we wanted certain elements to happen as the voice over was saying them. The shoots took a couple of takes to get it just right but we worked efficiently and patiently. With all the preparation, we knew exactly what we wanted to get completed for this project.


  • We also wanted to get some b-roll with Carrie interacting with some of her clients on location. We had to be conscientious of their time and make sure we were not interrupting their day or business. Coordinating multiple people’s schedule can be time consuming. Luckily, we started scheduling these shoots early in the process. We did not want to inconvenience anyone to reach our deadline.


Uploading video & organization

  • We had some difficult shots to execute with this project. To get it just right, we had to shoot some scenes multiple times. Keeping track of the good shots while uploading makes the editing process far more efficient.

A good foundation

  • We had such a good script and storyboard in place the video practically edited itself. The finished result is so much better when we (client and content producer) collaborate in all aspects of the production. The end result is fun, dynamic, and enjoyed by everyone.


  • Carrie wanted to use this video in many different media sharing outlets and for more than a few weeks. We can make evergreen content. Doing this ensures the client can use this video during any season making the video more useful.

Final Video