Our Process

The very best videos are not only the result of creative inspiration but plenty of perspiration. At Ravenspring Creative, we roll up our sleeves, plan, prepare, and dig deep into every aspect of the production process.

Everything is taken care of, no matter what kind of production it is.

Here is a simple breakdown of our processes.

  • Scriptwriting: Working from your input, we’ll write a script, present it for your review and refine it until it accurately reflects like your story. Serving as the blueprint for all steps that follow, your script describes the video content, dialogue, special effects, music and more in great detail — scene by scene.

  • Storyboarding: A storyboard shows a visual representation (i.e., sketch) of each scene in your video. It illustrates character placement, lighting positions, product placement, and more. The storyboard is an important step to making your vision come alive.

  • Pre-production: A great production has solid planning, and that’s where pre-production comes in. It encompasses all from casting for talent and scouting locations to providing the right equipment. Through it, we prepare for everything needed on filming day.

  • Filming: With an approved script in hand and the location well prepared, we will shoot your video or commercial in HD (high-definition) digital. The electrical power, lighting, props, staging, on-screen talent, teleprompters, sound checks, and much more are considered. Shooting on site? We promise to ensure a smooth, business-as-usual process!

  • Post-production: During filming, it's common to collect footage from different angles, shoot close-ups and other shots, and try different "takes" if an on-air talent is involved. During post-production, we will edit the “raw” footage, insert transitions and animations, include voice-over narration, and add music. It’s all accomplished efficiently on a computer with the latest video-editing software. As it all starts to come together, we will review our progress with you to ensure you have complete confidence in your production.

  • Finished product: That's a wrap! Now that the pre-production, production, and post-production is being done, we can get to the part you really want — sharing your project! We have many ways to deliver the project, and we can even help you with posting your project across social media, email campaigns, and even your website.