Video Work

Some of Ravenspring's most current work. For the rest of our case studies you can find them here


"My Story" - Carrie McCann Proven Business Systems

Meet Carrie McCann. She has been with Proven Business Systems for 5 years and here is her story. For more about how we helped Carrie and Proven Business Systems, read our case study.

Riverside Healthcare Senior behavioral Unit

Riverside is top of the line in lung cancer treatments. In this episode, Riverside focuses on bringing awareness to lung cancer symptoms and treatments. For more about how we helped Riverside, read our case study.


Fitness Premier 2016 Spot

Fitness Premier just rebranded their company and they wanted an original, engaging spot for their new brand. For more about how we helped Fitness Premier, read our case study.

Homestar Bank - 70th Anniversary

This is a 2 minute video showcasing HomeStar Bank & Financial Services, a Kankakee county home grown bank with a lot of heart and a history. For more about how we helped HomeStar Bank, read our case study.